A Blue-Gray Scandinavian Interior Decor That Will Simply Amaze You

Nowadays, it is important to know how to decorate your interior with taste. A quick look back at a very fashionable style: the Scandinavian blue interior.

This Nordic style of decoration is based on light and uncluttered interior in soft colors. It is very easy to decorate this decoration in a trendy restaurant but also in an apartment to find clarity and volume.

The color is then declined around furniture such as sofas and a set of furniture with local lines, rugs but also accessories. They are then highlighted by the introduction of white elements that bring out the blue-gray effect used here in this interior.

Before going any further in the visit of this gray-blue Scandinavian interior, we suggest you stop on the decor of the living room with a selection of furniture and objects to adopt urgently if you also want to give yourself a Scandinavian style. to your interior.

Starting with this school poster with a retro look that will look great on blue gray walls.
Who says Scandinavian interior, also says cocooning atmosphere with this comfortable gray sofa and its compass feet in light wood, absolute reference in terms of Scandinavian design.

Exoticism is at the rendezvous with this rattan armchair. The light shade of the rattan reinforces the Nordic spirit of the place.

As an end of the sofa, you can opt for a design pedestal table with a lacquered finish, the originality of which is based on its central base overhanging the top. A detail that is sure to hit the mark!

This light wood table is a must-have for Scandinavian decor. Arranged in the middle of the dining area, it will bring a superb Nordic touch to your decor. The Scandinavian style is of course synonymous with design as evidenced by this chair, whose wooden legs leave no doubt as to its origins! Because lighting is of the utmost importance in decoration, here is a very graphic wooden pendant light, which will illuminate your evenings with its soft light.

The visit is now over. If you are looking for a Scandinavian atmosphere, do not hesitate to continue the visit to this second blue-gray apartment.




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