A Beautiful Floor Makes Everything Look Better

Why are we not wrong? When we see beautiful floors we forget the rest. They can be made of wood, vinyl, marble, tile, microcement, or other material, but if they are well finished and well cared for, they greatly embellish the entire decoration. This is no secret, but sometimes we don’t pay it the attention it deserves or well, notice it, we do notice it, but the cost of changing it or renewing it for a better one is usually high and we have to resign ourselves.

It is not much for a room, but if we want to have it throughout the house, in the end, the square meters of material needed are many and if we do not know how to place it ourselves and we have to add the cost of labor because, in the end, it is a high cost.

It is true that to change the appearance of a room, a living room or the bathroom we do not have to spend a lot and there are solutions for all budgets, so we encourage you to investigate, because you may not have saved for a floor made of solid wood for the whole house like the one in this apartment, but if you want to change the living room floor, you can opt for a vinyl imitation wood and place it yourself, which will cost you much less and will be easier than at first imagine. The same in the bathroom, where you can place a special vinyl for floors or the kitchen, one of those that imitate another material or borders of hydraulic tiles.

This Swedish apartment of almost 100 square meters cannot hide its age, the building where it is located dates from 1930 and although it has been renovated, of course, the original architectural and ornamental details have been maintained, hence that wonderful solid wood floor herringbone oak and white checkerboard floor in the kitchen.

Bedroom carpet also takes us back decades, now it is hardly used in modern Nordic homes, where other easy-to-clean and more hygienic coatings and underfloor heating are preferred to keep warm.

What do you think of that wooden floor? Precious right?









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