A 50 Square Meter Beach Apartment By the Sea

On the beachfront, there is no small house, but this apartment also has a delicious decoration designed so that the whole family and their guests are happy.

In the heart of the Costa Brava and surrounded by pine trees, this apartment of just 50 square meters has several aces up its sleeve: is on the beachfront and it has this terrace where dinners last until dawn. Reforming this original property from the 70s was not easy – the most important thing was the light and the sea views, that’s why we gave them priority: from the terrace to the bed in the master bedroom you can see the water.


Lined in wood and with an almost complete kitchen (laundry included!), The terrace flows with the living room: when the balconies are open, only the gauze curtains mark us where one begins and the other ends.

In the living room, nothing obstructs the views over the sea, and the Mediterranean character has been enhanced with white walls, blue and turquoise details, and much natural fiber furniture.

The interior designer designed most of the furniture in the house, such as the ingenious oak bench and chest of drawers in the dining room, which works both as a seat and storage and as steps for the new staircase. The designers created this iron and glass partition that separates the living room from the kitchen but allows whoever is cooking to continue to see the sea.

In the kitchen, we can see a DM box around the extractor hood, which has its own active filters because there is no smoke outlet, but hey, you don’t cook much in a beach house and with so many windows it’s easy to ventilate.


Leaving the kitchen behind, you access the master bedroom, which is closed with a stripped, stripped Venetian door. It is great the detail of being able to hide the door in the wall. 

And we find another brilliant idea in the bathroom: above the sink in the bedroom there is a mirror suspended from some sailor ropes, which allows the sea to be seen from this room as well.


And in the bedding and the decoration of the bedroom the marine motifs and the relaxed inspiration given by the natural fibers are repeated.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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