7 Things Your Closet Organization Is Missing

There is something satisfying about seeing a well-organized closet—clothes coordinated by color or style, shoes neatly lined up on a rack, sweaters tucked away in bins, etc. It makes finding what you need easier and picking out an outfit in the morning more exciting.

Whether your closet currently meets this description or you have clothes sprawled all over and can never seem to find the second shoe, these ideas will help you have a more organized closet space. Here are seven things your closet organization might be missing.

1. Two-Tiered Rods

Instead of just one rod going across your closet to hang clothes on, try two! Having two-tiered rods allows you to fit a lot more in the same amount of space, without your closet looking cluttered. Consider having one section of the closet be two-tiered for shorter items, like shirts and blouses, and having another section be a single tier for longer items, such as dresses and pants.

2. Built-In Laundry Hamper

Having a laundry bag or plastic basket out in the open not only draws attention to your dirty clothes but also takes up space and gets in the way of moving around your closet. Having a built-in laundry hamper keeps the dirty laundry out of sight and the floor space clear. If you have enough space in your closet cabinets, consider adding multiple hampers for colors vs. whites, his vs. hers, etc.—making things quick and easy on laundry day!

3. Closet Seating

How often do you try to put your shoes on while standing up? Make your life easier by adding seating inside or close by your closet, such as a bench, chair, ottoman, or even a window seat! This is a nice touch that will make getting ready in your closet more comfortable—and possibly help you avoid some charlie horses or losing balance putting on tights, pants, or shoes!

4. Space for Hats and Handbags

Finding a place to keep your hats and handbags can be a struggle. There is only so much room for bags on your door handle, not to mention the difficulty it causes in closing the door. Plus, trying to hang these items with the rest of your clothes just doesn’t work out well. Make a space specifically for hats and bags, whether that means installing hooks or having cubbies and shelves specifically for these kinds of accessories.

5. Good Lighting

“Is this dark blue or black?” is a question you don’t want to be asking when you are trying to quickly put together an outfit that matches and head out the door. Having the right lighting in a closet can make a big difference. This might include backlit shelves, lights under cabinets, or ribbon lighting above a rod. It could also mean having a window that streams plenty of natural light into the room. Whatever way works best for you, it’s worth the effort to make sure you can see well in your closet.

6. A Safe Place for Valuables

You can never be too careful with your valuables, like fine jewelry and watches. It would be wise to put a safe in your closet to store these things, plus other important items, like wallets, passports, keys, and more. Safes can come in a variety of sizes, so there will definitely be one available that works for you and your space.

7. Custom Closets

Every person’s style, clothing, and needs are different, so every closet space can be unique. If you are looking for a way to make your closet the perfect fit for you, think about custom designing your closet. You can custom design different types of closets—reach-in closets, walk-in closets, or boutique closets—to fit your space and organization needs and to include the exact features you want.

It’s never too late to take your closet to the next level! If you are looking for ways to be more organized or make your closet more comfortable and pleasing to the eye, these ideas are a great place to start.


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