6 Ideas To Decorate Walls Without Having An Enormous Budget

If you want to give your home a new look easily, quickly and, most importantly, without breaking the bank, just take advantage of the decorative potential of the walls. You will see what a change!

The infinite decorative possibilities offered by the walls will help you give a facelift to any environment in your home. And the best thing is that you have a lot of easy, fast, and cheap resources at your fingertips to get all that potential out of it: from paint and stickers to mirrors, frames, or photographs. You will only have to think about what new color range will tint these surfaces or how to gracefully position the decorative elements of your choice. But don’t worry, because, with the ideas that we present below, it will be very easy for you.

1. Just one front

Painting a wall a different color from the others is a perfect idea to enhance the decoration. The most common is to apply this resource in the living room, on the wall of the sofa; in the dining room, to visually delimit it from the living area, and in the bedroom, on the headboard wall. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. It is also a widely used practice to highlight the wall of the fireplace or architectural elements such as pillars and columns.

2. A very flowery corner

In this living room, the wall of the sofa has been decorated with a composition of small glass vases and different plants and flowers. You can opt for natural varieties or decorative artificial plants: they will not wilt, you will not have to water them and you can place them wherever you want, without worrying about whether they get light or not.

3. Mirror, mirror…

If you choose to decorate with mirrors, in addition to gaining spaciousness, you will also achieve that in the room where you place them the luminosity is multiplied. If you decide to decorate the wall with a single piece, opt for a large model –that is proportional to the space, yes–, or choose a frame with a special design that attracts all eyes, such as the window type or shaped Sun.

4. Very well accompanied

The compositions of sheets and mirrors are a very effective decorative resource with which you will achieve very attractive results. A tip: look for an element that is repeated and of unity to the whole. It can be the moldings, images with the same theme, chains or ribbons from which the mirrors hang, and some illustrations…

5. On shelves

We continue with the idea of decorating with photos or pictures, but this time on shelves. And this solution has many advantages: not only will you be able to renew the composition whenever you want, but you will also avoid the difficult task of composing, measuring, nailing, and hanging.

6. A cover wall

Your favorite magazines can also be part of the decoration of your house and help you put that personal and differentiating touch that you are looking for. Recover three or four covers of that publication that you like so much, frame them with identical moldings, and, when hanging them on the wall, leave an equidistant distance between them.


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