6 Ideas To Copy For A Successful Interior Decoration

The physical standard of our aesthetic desires is reduced to the purest essence, the interior of our houses and apartments remains an ideal playground for lovers of decoration and design that we are. Others will go so far as to say that it is the mirror of our personalities. No matter what name we put on it, the main thing is to define our tastes carefully. How to make and succeed in interior decoration?  Colorful bookcase for a modern living room interior decoration, signed furniture in the dining room, marble splashback in the kitchen, and tactile textiles in the bedroom, an overview of our most beautiful decorating ideas for designing interior decoration oscillating between audacity, trend, and sure values.

1. A corner office in a niche

What if every corner of our interior was put to good use? In this niche is installed a small simple but effective desk. We hang a few walnut shelves for a sophisticated touch, a marble credenza for preciousness, and a straw chair for balance.

2. Marble and green tiles in the bathroom

One of the key colors of the year, green reveals here all the faculties of its chromatic palette. Arranged horizontally and vertically, the zellige-style tiles perfectly match the veins of the marble and the wall painted in the same shade.

3. A painted ceiling in the dining room

In this dining room with classic codes, the colors, although sober, play a decisive role. The various paintings applied to the ceiling, the cornices, the baseboards, and the walls create an opulent atmosphere in addition to sublimating the furniture and the XXL lighting. Mastery and refinement.

4. Colorful arches on a living room wall

A small, simple, and efficient living room that is no less decorative in its aesthetic proposals. Cozy, it combines the trends of the moment: canework pieces and rattan armchairs, a natural and warm palette. We remember the colored arches that frame the mirrors with rhythm and poetry.

5. Bookshelves in a blue room

Offered in natural light, this pale blue bedroom relies on two bookcases loaded with books to frame the headboard. Enough to optimize the space with erudition. Chosen in the same color as that displayed on the walls, the bed linen thus plays the reminders with subtlety. The little extra? Golden sconces that add sophistication and sparkle.

6. Wood and terrazzo for a bright bathroom

The decoration of this bathroom plays perfectly with the codes of the trend and the elements that stand the test of time. A large custom-made vanity unit in wood and terrazzo warms up the room, while on the floor, a discreet marble mosaic is subtly imposed.


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