50’s Style Furniture Decor

Post-war furniture attracts customers and still inspires designers. But how to explain this passion that does not pass? Interior architects, designers, and collectors shed light on this craze. Resurfacing in the mid-1990s, throwback style has taken hold. Collectible furniture still reaches comfortable prices, design houses continue to restock their catalog with old models and kit furniture manufacturers draw on this 1950s style which has not aged a bit.

Furniture from the 1950s: coffee tables, cocktail chairs, and flashlights.

The glitz of the 1920s was over. The 1950s are considered the post-war period of World War II. This post-war period is also reflected in the interior decoration. Most of the small apartments had to be furnished, as many things had been destroyed by the war. Also, there was an emphasis on craftsmanship, as the industry needed to recover from World War II. For this reason, sturdy materials were used, which were turned into furniture by hand. Particular importance was given to the usefulness of the furniture, which should not take up too much space but should still have ample storage space. Colorful patterned wallpaper was then used to breathe some life into the drab furnishings.

Egon Eiermann was responsible for the first mass production of furniture in Germany. His popular classics include, for example, the “SE 68” tubular steel chair, the “E 10” wicker chair, the “SE 18” wooden folding chair, and the “Eiermann 1” table frame.

However, these pieces of furniture that shaped the 50s are considered true classics:

  • “Lounge Chair” by Charles and Ray Eames, a combination of leather and wood
  • Renal tables
  • bag lamps
  • tulip lamp

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