5 Tips for Decorating a Student Studio

01. White on the Walls for a Bright Studio

For starters, who says small space often says lack of light. To remedy this problem, you can apply a tip typical of Scandinavian decoration: use white!

Indeed, white paint has the advantage of being able to reflect natural light and therefore very easy to brighten any space.

To do this, you can obviously paint your walls. If you can paint the floor, don’t hesitate to paint it white either. Your student studio will be bathed in lightIf you can’t paint, then choose white furniture and textiles. You can, for example, match a fabric sofa with white curtains or even sheer curtains to let in the daylight as much as possible.




02. Create a DIY Partition to Separate the Spaces

A student studio is generally composed of a single room in which you will have to bring in the bedroom, the living room, the dining area, the office.

If you want to create partitions, know that there are many inexpensive solutions that will allow you to achieve this.

To start, you can, for example, opt for a workshop canopy. You will find many DIY on the Web to create it yourself with wooden cleats and plexiglass plates.

You will also be able to buy removable partitions in DIY stores. They are not particularly excessive (around € 100 per panel) and are very easy to install.

Finally, for the most reduced budget, know that a simple curtain will allow you to partition your studio very effectively. The material effect of your textiles will also bring real warmth to your apartment.

03. Optimize Your Office Space

Student life is essentially based on 2 principles: partying (a little) and working (a lot). You will, therefore, need an office space to be able to concentrate and study effectively.

Since almost all of the work you will do is now done on a computer, you can limit the space occupied by your office to less than one square meter. You can, for example, take advantage of a small recess to integrate a shelf and a few shelves to store your course booksIf you can, do not hesitate to invest in a series of modular shelves in which you can install your TV, your library but also your office area.

04. DIY to Create Your Student Furniture

To furnish your student studio, your budget is quite limited. So you can get started in some DIY workshops to create furniture as beautiful as those available in large decorative shops.

Finally, if you choose to buy furniture at a low cost to furnish your studio, do not hesitate to personalize it. With a little marble effect adhesive paper, for example, your fairly common office will become much more stylish!


05. Plants for a Plant-Based Studio

Finally, do not forget to include some green plants in your studio. In fact, if you don’t have enough money to buy decorative accessories, the plants will allow you to create a beautiful, soothing, vegetable atmosphere at a low cost!

Better yet, know that plants will allow you to purify the air in your student apartment.

The simplest plants to maintain are succulents or cacti. These plants are also particularly trendy at the moment! Do not hesitate!


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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