5 Items Of Checkered Pattern To Incorporate Into Your Home With Style

Checkered prints haven’t gone out of style. Because… Who doesn’t like a checkered cushion in the living room or a gingham print for a tablecloth? But now, plaids are a trend print.

And we love it. Because it is a versatile pattern that gives a lot of play and that adapts perfectly to all environments, from the most classic to the most modern. If you want to include pictures in your home, we have prepared a selection of textiles so that you can dress the living room, bathroom, or bedroom with this trend pattern.

1. Nordic cases

The pictures are a classic to dress the beds. And this Zara Home duvet cover is ideal to create a bedroom full of peace and charm. It has been made with dyed thread.

2. A door stop

To avoid slamming doors when there are drafts at home, door stops are a must. But as you well know, sometimes it is difficult to find a nice doorstop that suits the decoration. But you cannot deny that it is ideal.

3. Cushions

If you don’t want a total checkered look at home, the quickest and cheapest solution is to put a cushion cover with this pattern. Among all the cushion covers that we have seen, we liked this model made of linen in a caramel color.

4. Blankets for the sofa

The arrival of autumn brings with it putting a blanket on the sofa to cover us in the afternoon while we read, or at night while we watch our favorite series. And this blanket has seemed ideal for this purpose.

5. Tablecloths

Checkered tablecloths are a classic that never goes out of style. And we love them to give that touch of comfort and warmth that we love so much, especially now that autumn has arrived.

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