5 Important Things That You Must Have If You Love Scandinavian Interior Design

Consistency with the nature, slowing down, enjoying the home, simplicity and peace… these are all main characteristics of the Scandinavian style, which does not cease to be a hit of interior decoration in the recent years. We bring you five important things that you must have if you want to enter this popular style in your home!


Although decorations are rare and carefully selected, they are most often with a geometric theme and pattern. Black and white combination is required! Most often you can spot a geometric pattern on a carpet or in the form of wall decoration!


Scandinavian design is crazy for typography! Stylized and personalized quotes printed on plain white paper are ideal for framing and exposing the wall instead of artwork. Choose your favorite quote and decorate your home with it.


The warmth and the elegance of the home, as the inviting atmosphere, are not only provided by the hosts. If you want to make your dwelling is a real oasis, you should use some home plants. They will warm up every place, decorate it and break the frequent whiteness of the Scandinavian style.

Simple lighting

Scandinavian architecture takes the best of nature and uses natural light to the full. That’s why you should not use curtains. Often, most of the wall in the living room will be used for windows, to get more light into the home. The kitchen, dining room or living room, should have, in one hand unobtrusive, and in the other, interesting lighting, which will contribute to the overall impression. Light bulbs represent the essence of Nordic design: it is functional, does not have much detail and elements, it is warm and does not occupy much space, and are great choice for lighting in the Scandinavian interiors.

Furniture with narrow legs

The couch that stands on the narrow legs, provides a sense of openness, ease and spaciousness of the apartment. You have the impression as if you could peep under it and keep the pet comfortable while sleeping … Corner set, two-seater and three-seater that lay all over their lining on the floor give the impression of robustness and weight, and that’s completely opposite of what the Scandinavians want to achieve. Keep the same design when it comes to a table and also for the most pieces of furniture in the living room.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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