19 Outstanding Scandinavian Living Rooms You Will Fall In Love With

It is easy to recognize a home decorated with Scandinavian interior. However, there isn’t only one Scandinavian style, but a few, and all of them have some common elements. For example, all Scandinavian interiors have wooden floors, often in white or other bright colors, and all rooms in the house have wooden floors, except the bathroom.

The main palette of Scandinavian decor is very bright and simple, and usually involves white with shades of light gray and blue, or pastel colors. In some interiors can be noticed also details in intense colors. Generally, all Scandinavian interiors include clean lines, and each part of interior is very functional. When it comes for materials, there is always a lot of wood in the decor. It is used on the walls, the floors, the furniture, etc … Wood gives warmth and texture to the room, and that’s why Scandinavian interiors are so pleasant and inviting. Something that can often be seen in the Scandinavian homes is a traditional fireplace, nestled in the corner of the room. These are the main characteristics of the Scandinavian style which might help you if you opt to decorate your home in this style. Below we present you some beautiful Scandinavian living rooms that will inspire you and will make you to fall in love with Scandinavian style!


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