4 Tips for Choosing the Best Hot Water System for a Stylish Home

Maintaining a stylish home is easy when you have the latest gadgets and statement pieces. From a robot vacuum to smart appliances and ingenious televisions. All of it helps impress. Yet when it comes to hot water, why do we never look for the most fashionable option?

Let’s face it, hot water systems can be bland. They are a necessity that often sits out of sight and out of mind.

However, your water heater can be incorporated into the home for a polished aesthetic. How? With some careful consideration and planning. The intersection of style and performance delivers a premium outcome for all.

So forget the cold showers and relax thanks to these 5 handy tips for choosing the best hot water system in a stylish house.

Install for Your Needs

Style and comfort is crucial in any luxurious bathroom. The decor, design and layout all plays a part. You cannot sit back and relax in a soothing bathtub if you’re staring at daggy tiles and rotten cupboard doors.

So if you have a stylish bathroom that’s maxxed out, you need a hot water system capable of providing exactly what your home needs.

A busy family bathroom needs a water heater that provides enough hot water for back-to-back showers. Big homes also need a system that can cope with simultaneous  tasks like showering and dishwashing.

Therefore, pay close attention to the fine details when selecting a water heater. Tanks may provide large amounts of hot water at once, but the hot water will run out during peak usage periods.

Meanwhile, tankless systems are perfect for providing hot water when you need it. Yet they cannot cope with high demand. You may need separate systems if the bathroom and kitchen are located in different parts of the house.

Take Advantage of Renewable Energies

If you are stuck between the right hot water system for you, just think about your overall needs at home. For example, consider how you power your home, and any wider access to renewable energy.

Electric tank water heaters have traditionally been viewed as the least energy efficient. This is because they heat water 24/7. So even if you’re not home, there’s hot water ready to be used. Unfortunately that convenience is impacted by the ongoing expenditure of electricity and utility costs.

Curious to know just how much energy your system might be using now? This handy energy cost calculator can help you understand just how much money you’re spending.

However, solar power could negate all those woes. A solar hot water system, such as those from Eurosun, operates with fewer carbon emissions produced, and reduced utility costs. In fact, you could pay nothing for your hot water. Solar panels at home could save you a considerable amount of money, money that can be better spent elsewhere.

Besides, an energy efficient house your friends and family will be envious of? Nothing’s more stylish than that.

Think Convenience, Think Natural Gas

Gas hot water systems deliver quality and cost-effective hot water in several ways. There are tankless and storage tank options for a wide variety of homes, too.

But just how does that help you?

It means you can opt for a system that can be safely hidden away in your home. Whether it’s a tankless gas hot water heater tucked inside an external wall, or a vented hot water tank in the laundry, there is always an option.

Outdoor tankless gas water heaters are subtle additions to any stylish home. There’s no constant hot water heating. Instead, water is heated as you need it, providing instant savings with instantaneous hot water.

Therefore, you can have a gas water heater installed near the bathroom or kitchen, but out of sight. It’s not a large bulky tank taking up a vast amount of space.

Gas systems can also be vented for indoor installation and added convenience. Natural gas emissions are safely vented well away from the home. You can maintain a stylish decor with no obvious large tanks.

Get Smart with Smart Appliances

Smart homes are not just the way of the future; they are the here and now. From additions like Alexa or Google Home, to all-round Wi-Fi connectivity and smart appliances. Everything is available in a smart format. Hot water systems are no different.

Leading brands such as Rheem have crafted a smart water heater that is efficient and advanced. Utilising heat pump technology, renewable energy is combined with electricity, delivering reduced energy consumption.

It can also notify you directly of any issues, while a clear control panel takes away the guesswork. That’s more independence for yourself if something goes wrong.

The increased control ensures your whole home is easily managed. Style meets functionality as smartphone apps provide instant convenience.

Rheem’s Performance Platinum Smart Electric Water Heater also has a high demand mode, so you can turn up the hot water to the max when the family visits.

That’s a massive bonus.


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