30 Sexy Red Interiors Inspirations That Make Your Room Come Alive

What kind of feelings does red evoke in a room? Drama, passion, glamour, luxury or a mix of all these sensations? Spotted on pinterest.com, the photos we present you today include 30 ideas of how to use red as an interior dominant color for those who are bold enough to show their passion. If you use it to put the room on high alert you can choose a large sofa with a bright shade of scarlet in the living room or a big red painting on the wall facing the chatting zone. Immediately, the atmosphere changes and the red spots become the focal corners of the room. Pay attention to the walls: if you paint them in red, it will enclose the space, but it does make it more cozy and intimate. We usually avoid to use it in the bedroom, because it’s a stimulating color and reduces our activity of relaxation. Choose some curtains, pillows or photos if you want to add a romantic feeling to your bedroom, but don’t exaggerate with red details on large areas.


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