3 Reasons to Switch to Propane Heat

During the winter, heating your home is extremely important. Temperatures can drop well below freezing, and without some type of heat, you’ll be extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many heating options have some serious problems, as some are overly expensive or too inefficient. Thankfully, there is one great heating option out there that you can go with – propane heat. So what’s so good about propane heat, and why should you be looking for local residential propane delivery? Here are three reasons why you need to make the switch to propane heat.


The first reason why you should switch to propane heat is due to the cost. Propane is one of the cheapest heating options on the market, being much cheaper than some of the top options. For example, propane is cheaper than common options like electricity and oil. However, not only is propane cheaper than these other options, it is also much more efficient. Propane can burn extremely hot and is extremely efficient at heating your home. Most of what goes into electric and oil furnaces is wasted, causing you to lose lots of money. As a result, not only is propane cheaper than other options, it gives you more value for your money as well. Due to this, switching to propane can actually save you lots of money, and is definitely recommended if you’re looking to slash heating costs.


Another great reason to switch to propane heating is due to its reliability and durability. Propane heat is extremely reliable, even during the worst of times. The same can’t be said for other options, as sometimes they simply fail to work during emergency scenarios. For example, electric heaters don’t work during a power outage, leaving you without heat during a time where you might need it the most. You always need a working heater in the winter, so propane’s reliability is something you’ll find extremely valuable. In addition, propane heaters are extremely durable. Your propane heater will likely last you many years, not succumbing to age or to the environment. If you want a heating option that you can always rely on and won’t break at the first sign of trouble, then you should definitely consider switching to propane heating.

Environmental Safety

An underrated reason to switch over to propane heating is propane’s effect on the environment. Burning propane is relatively clean and doesn’t really harm the environment, unlike some other options available. For example, furnaces that burn coal or natural gas can produce carbon and other greenhouse gases, which can harm the environment. As mentioned before, propane is much more efficient, meaning that you’ll have to burn less of it. By using less, you are putting fewer emissions into the atmosphere. As a result, not only are you burning less, but you are also burning a cleaner product. If you’re environmentally conscious and want to limit the size of their carbon footprint, you may want to switch over to propane heat.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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