20 Wicked Industrial Living Room Designs You’re Going To Enjoy

Many people avoid the industrial living room interior design because they think it is going to look and feel empty and cold because of the stereotypical concrete and steel look. But the industrial design style is much more than just concrete and steel. It can have anything ranging from wooden accents to brick walls with concrete areas in between and large glass walls on the opposite side.
If you have already checked our recent collections of industrial: kitchen, bathroom and bedroom then you would already know that the industrial design can be whatever you want it to be. It can have modern and contemporary features combined with traditional and rustic parts. It is something like the eclectic and transitional styles but it is still quite different as it brings some features of its own.

Welcome to a new interior design collection of fresh industrial designs featuring 20 Wicked Industrial Living Room Designs You’re Going To Enjoy. This collection has been made with a goal to show you that the industrial is a lot more than what people think it is. It has the potential to turn an old and abandoned warehouse or factory in a fully functional residential building. Enjoy!

Private house Brighton

Clerkenwell Industrial Living Room

WareHouse Living

Private Loft Residence

Clarendon Works, Clarendon Cross, London, W11

Division Street

Luxury Industrial Loft Makeover

Central London Apartment



SoMa Surfer Loft

Greenwich Village Loft

Az Bungalow Modernized

Escape Pod: Chicago Urban Steel & Glass Residence

Private Residence – CH


High Rise Apartment



Downtown Savannah Loft

Crosby Street Loft

San Diego Downtown Condo

Laight Street Loft

Hamilton – Eclectic Industrial


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