18 Excellent Industrial Bathroom Designs With Great Interior Ideas

The industrial interior design style is a unique style which mixes features from multiple design styles without any stricter rules. That is what we tried to show you yesterday with our first industrial interior design collection of 18 Impressive Industrial Kitchens With Stunning Interior Designs with which we made way for an entire showcase of this design style.
This time, we are bringing images of industrial bathroom interior designs which will show you what should a bathroom in this style look like. The first thing you will notice is that all of the features in the following designs are a 100% percent different from each other. This proves that you can literally do everything you want and call it an industrial design. Well, no, of course it is not like that. There are some rules that are to be followed but if you are constructing it in a building that was initially intended as an industrial building, then it will already have all that’s needed.

Welcome to a new interior design collection of 18 Excellent Industrial Bathroom Designs With Great Interior Ideas. With the help of the designs featured in this collection, you will be able to better understand this design style as well as it’s core features. Enjoy!

Luxury Loft Apartment Bathroom

Az Bungalow Modernized

pickle factory

Container House

Central London Apartment

13th Street Penthouse

Palmerston Design – East end Home

88 Laight Street Penthouse

Zinc House

Vegas Loft

Industrial Bathroom

Bond Store Apartment

Pino Avenue

Midvale House

Glass House

Villa Clamart


Mid-North Residence


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