20 Gorgeous Interior Designs With Reclaimed Wood For Pleasant Feel

You’ve probably noticed that lot lately in the interiors is visible reclaimed wood. This is a fairly stable trend in interior design that has existed for several years in the world and lately more often finds expression in our homes. And quite logical – old wood has its advantages. When is well dry, has pretty well defined veins and brings much needed warmth in the modern interiors. A very well can be combined with every materials and colors in the modern interiors. If you have foreseen repair, consider this idea – at least some of the wooden elements in the interior, can be from reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood will look good in every room. You can use it as decoration, or you can opt for some furniture made of reclaimed wood. It can be the door, some shelves, wall from reclaimed wood, etc. If you are in doubt whether to use reclaimed wood in your interior, we suggest you to do that. That way you will add personal hallmark and elegant touch in every interior design. Below we present you some wonderful ideas that wight help you to get an idea how to incorporate reclaimed in your home decor. Enjoy and be productive!


Image via Stephani Buchman


Image via Beccy Smart Photography


Image via Marc Wilson Photography


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