A Chic Rustic Decor You Will Absolutely Enjoy

Rustic decoration

In order to create the decoration of their interior, the owners of this house have chosen to draw inspiration from the nature that surrounds them. They were thus able to create a particularly rural atmosphere. Indeed, in the kitchen, for example, the vintage wood of the ceilings has been kept to create a warm atmosphere. The furniture in the room also accentuates the rustic style.

We particularly like the color of the kitchen furniture or the pretty wooden chairs that accompany the table.


The rustic style is also present in other rooms of the house. Indeed, this is the case in the entrance for example with its aged wooden bench. The child’s bedroom is no exception, with a brick wall and a small school desk.


A Rustic but Refined Decor

Obviously, as this is a house in which they live all year round, the owners have refined their decor so that the rustic atmosphere is not omnipresent.

In the living room, for example, the raw woods have given way to woods painted white or light colors to bring in the maximum amount of light. The furniture here is more contemporary and the contrasts more marked.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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