19 Magnificent Blue Interior Designs That Will Impress You

The color is a kind of light. Different wavelengths of light reaching to the human eye, and so we see color. Each color is associated with a particular wavelength. Certain colors may act differently on more people and can also be understood differently in different cultures. But despite that, certain color does have some universal characteristics, ie. has a certain effect on our mood. In modern interiors mainly are used colors. Nowadays, it is rare to find interior with pure white walls.

The blue color is very beautiful color, that can refresh the home for a long time. Indicates the comfort, safety, aristocracy, loyalty … It can be used in almost every room at home. Best is a combination of blue with white, but other combinations may look beautiful, blue with beige, blue and pink, blue and yellow, etc. Bedrooms and room for meditation is best to be painted in blue, because the energy of blue is very soothing and spiritual. Blue will also effectively help a man to sleep. This color usually associated with a sense of calm and relief. Intense dark blue stimulates clear thinking, and brighter soothes and helps concentration. Blue, can reduce tension and anxiety. This is an ideal color for the moments when you are very excited and out of it – its coolness will help to quickly calm down. Studies have shown that the favorite color in the most people in the world, is blue. If you are one of them, browse our collection and your will see a bunch of magnificent blue interior designs!




Image via Robert Brantley


Image via Brough Schamp


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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