18 Outstanding Interior Designs With Red Details To Break The Monotony

When decorating a home should think carefully about what you like, and which color you want to dominate the interior. Do you like classical or modern things, which style of furniture you want to fill your home. Different look you can achieve with the use of a color which will emphasize certain parts of the apartment. By entering the red color in your living space you will emphasize the dynamism and strength, and for that reason this color should be frugal. This color should be pointed out in some areas of the premises, to give little emphasis on individual corner.

It is known that the red color has an effect on the human psyche. It is a vivid color, which warms, stimulates mental and physical, and promotes physical activity. Red is the color number one with which we can accentuate certain parts, while with black – white combination, is synonym for elegance. Red can be nice combined with the devices used in the home, so it breaks the sterile white walls. One side of the wall in the room can be of red brick facade, which will give a very nice look across the room and will fit nicely with the whiteness of the walls. For example, a pair of decorative red pillows on a white sofa, will act very tasty. Small commode for leaving some little things, in red, will dominate the space and cause a beautiful comments!


Image via Alexia Fodere


Image via Jill Buckner


Image via Susan Gilmore


Image via Susan Gilmore




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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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