17 Marvelous Interior Designs With Dramatic Mirrors

In modern culture and housing, the mirror has two basic functions. The first is that we observe our reflection and confirm our appearance before leaving the house, and the other is reflecting of the light and space around us, as reflected in the interaction with light, creates the illusion of more space and illuminates the dark room. The position of the mirrors in the space should carefully choose, to make its feature to have sense.

Large mirrors without frames, are used mainly in interior design, to create the illusion of more space. In large spaces, as well as in small, well-placed mirror has a decorative and functional role. Very popular and unconventional way of using mirrors in the decor and fragmentation – placing mirrors side by side, a certain order. That set up a long, narrow mirrors not only visually lengthen the wall, but will create a unique effect, because they reflect only fragments of the interior. At this method can be set up mirrors of various shapes and sizes in many different ways, thus creating a dramatic or unusual effects. In our photo gallery below, you can see various examples of dramatic mirrors in different interior designs, which are creating wonderful atmosphere. Check out below, and find out how to decorate your room with some glamourous mirror to create dramatic ambience!


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