17 Inspirational Ways To Decorate Your Home With Zebra Print

Animal print is a timeless pattern, which has occupied an important place in the world of interior design. Distinctive patterns of wild animals are simply irresistible. Effective and appealing, they found their place in the decoration of the interior a long time ago. For someone kitsch, for some expression of glamor and sophistication, but it is certainly that the animal print leaves no one indifferent!

Animal prints can decorate a larger area in the space such as floors and walls. The walls can be decorated with the wallpaper in the original colors of certain animal patterns, and there are a variety of other color combinations. Exotic animal print is used as decor for centuries, and many people use it as their favorite detail in the interior nowadays.

Zebra print is favorite to many people, when it comes to the choice of prints for decor, adding contrast, texture and intensity of textiles to decorative accents. This timeless print you can use in many ways, to refresh your interior. You can use it in the form of decorative items, pillows, fabric for upholstered furniture, etc. Below you can see one collection of some creative interior with zebra print, that will help you to make your choice.


Image via Allison Corona Photography


Image via Roy Quesada


Image via Cynthia Taylor-Luce


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