17 Extremely Amazing Interior Designs With Gold & Blue

Many people when decorating their living space, have certain problems to fit a variety of colors in the interior. It is not easy, but the consequences of choosing the wrong color can affect the atmosphere in your home and it is recommend for a final decision, to consult with an architect. We think that there is no color that should be avoided, it is only necessary to pay attention in order to select an appropriate tones that blend harmoniously into the interior. It is known that color affects our mood and psyche. By choosing certain colors can visually decrease or enlarge the area in which you live.

The gold color is very effective and can discreetly embellish many facilities. Carefully choose the items and details in golden color. Gold gives the impression of wealth, and according to many, it is the color of prestige. Blue color can be used to create a mysterious atmosphere, helps with meditation and it is incredibly relaxing. Reminds us of the sky and the sea, thereby acts calming and helps in better concentration. Excessive use of blue color in the interior, creates the impression of cold place, but we recommend you only one wall of the room to be painted in this color. The combination of this color can be extremely amazing, if are used properly tones. We present you some fascinating examples that surely will inspire you!


Image via Marie Picard Craig Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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