17 Charming Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Tree Branches

Natural, environmentally friendly, renewable and easy to handle, wood is an ideal material for home and almost it is impossible to find a house (or apartment) where it does not appear. The wood is the first choice and the most common material, when it comes to interiors, because it acts favorably, while its availability and easy processing, are also important criteria.

How the wood is the traditional building materials, in the interior design often can be seen some elements of the structure of the building, made of wood. This situation is common and typical in the attic. Also, wood is the most common material for floors and furniture, and is often used for wall cladding. Each room in the house gives you many opportunities to use treated wood. If you do not like large areas covered with processed wooden planks, you can always choose furniture made of treated wood. You can opt for the dining table or a small coffee table made of wood.

But if you want the charm of the raw wood to be present in your home, you can always decorate your home with tree branches. There are countless ideas how to use tree branches in your interior design, you just need to find that ona that will be suitable for your home. Browse our gallery, and you might find many creative ideas!


Image via Kimberly Gavin


Image via Lincoln Barbour


Image via Jeni Lee


Image via Melissa Brandman


Image via Janet Paik


Image via Jon Eady Photographer


Image via Peter A. Sellar


Image via Christopher Stark


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