17 Bespoke Black & Gold Interiors That Steal The Show

Gold shades are popular in the interior design not for years but for centuries. New modern ideas of how to use the furniture and decorations in gold, make it more popular than ever. In addition, the gold color is now much more accessible and cheaper than before. Golden color used in the right way will make the interior more elegant and luxurious than any other color. You certainly don’t want from your harmonious home to make exaggerated and flamboyant atmosphere, using gold color, so, in combination with other colors keep the gold details in the shade, do not let this color dominating the interior, because you can achieve the opposite effect.

Black color fit well with almost all colors. Blacks range from ominous black to sophisticated black, and it is easy to combine it with other colors and to create great contrasts and visual effects in every space. With different combinations of colors, can be used also different textures of black, shiny or matte, in the homes to create a variety desired effects.

Black color with metallic gold creates a gorgeous look. This is a common color combinations for carpentry. Like other bright colors, gold is a contrasting color that brings light and warmth to the room where there is black furniture.


Image via Michael J. Lee Photography LLC


Image via Matthew Millman


Image via John Downs Photography


Image via Marc Angeles


Image via Marco Joe Fazio


Image via Scott Morris


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