17 Appealing Ideas To Revive Neutral Spaces Using Accents

Neutral colors, especially white shades, have many advantages, such as making the smaller space visually larger, making the dark space brighter, creating an impression of openness and transparency, etc… But it may look sterile and dull if you do not pay attention to some important things during the decorating. Monochrome rooms, especially those in white, may look very monotonous. So, to stop this, adding texture (accents ) can be very helpful, even in similar tones. Colorful carpets, pillows, painted bricks, plastic chairs, etc… -you have a lot of options to choose from.

Instead of green wall or green furniture, opt for natural greenery. Herbs and plants in a white space will give a feeling of freshness and transparency. If you are not a fan of strong colors, plants are the ideal choice to the white space in order to “revive” it. For those who love strong colors, but in small doses, this is a great solution that will strike a balance in the white room. It is quite enough to select a few details whose color “pops” out of the white surface, and that can be any kind of decorations. If you want to create an impression of romance and intimacy in the room, you can simply do it with nice lighting and lamps. All of these creative ideas can change the boring look of your sterile and neutral interior!


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