16 Ideal Mediterranean Laundry Room Designs That Are More Than Practical

The laundry room is usually just a corner of the home completely dedicated to its utilitarian purpose. Well, that’s not quite the same with the Mediterranean laundry room interior design. In the Mediterranean home, the laundry room is a part of the style. It isn’t there just to serve a practical purpose. Instead, it extends the home with its utility focus but it does so with style.

Welcome to this new compilation of interior designs in which we’ve featured 16 Ideal Mediterranean Laundry Room Designs That Are More Than Practical. Take a few moments to explore these wonderful interior designs and you’re going to discover why the Mediterranean style is regarded as an opulent style. It is because it provides attention to detail in every corner of the home. Enjoy!

1. Old Naples Custom Home


2. La Jolla Home

3. Mediterranean Laundry Room

4. Brightwaters Boulevard

5. Spanish remodel

6. Italian Style Villa


8. North Mesa Residence

9. Napa Custom Home

10. West Hills Mediterranean

11. Mediterranean Laundry Room

12. Mediterranean Modern

13. Santa Barbara in the Hill Country

14. Lovebird Home

15. Mediterranean Laundry

16. Mediterranean Laundry Room, Minneapolis


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

Fidan Jovanov

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