18 Magnificent Mediterranean Style Bathroom Designs

There is no mistake in thinking of the Mediterranean home dΓ©cor style as a style full of opulent interiors and lavish looks, regardless of the room. A great example of the luxurious appearance of this style is the Mediterranean style bathroom design. It won’t take looking at many examples to get a good angle on the luxurious appeal of the Mediterranean style.

Welcome to a new collection of interiors in which we’re going to show you these 18 Magnificent Mediterranean Style Bathroom Designs. Take a few moments to explore them and you are going to come to the conclusion that the Mediterranean style has as much to do with the influence of Mediterranean countries as it has with a luxurious appearance. To bring it even closer to you, we’ve begun a fresh showcase with our recent collection of 18 Lavish Mediterranean Kitchen Designs With A Modern Taste. Many more are on the way!

1. Timberline Ridge Residence

2. Camp Roig

3. Houston Oaks Residence, Lake Escape

4. Colorful Eclectic Mediterranean Remodel

5. Mediterranean Style Bathroom

6. Guest Cottage Bathroom

7. Mallorca Refurbishment

8. Mediterranean Inspired Bathroom Remodel

9. Masnou House

10. Golden Hour Garden

11. Los Feliz Hilltop

12. Canyon Retreat

13. Rockpoint Project

14. Lafayette Home

15. Mediterranean on Sunset

16. Gardner Project

17. Spanish Mediterranean Architecture

18. Modern Mediterranean Villa


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