16 Functional Wine Cellar Designs To Clever Use Of The Space Under The Stairs

Nowadays, it is good to be used every part of the home. It often happens that we think about the lack of space in our home, but the problem can be solved, if are used the places that you usually do not pay attention to. One such place you can find under the stairs and pleasant to take its advantages. If you live in a house with stairs under which is empty unused space, there are many ways that you can in a smart and creative way, to decorate and transform it.

Depending on where the staircase is, that area can change in the cabinet, bookshelves, wine cellar, additional small alcove or closet. With a little good will, capable hands (or a good master) and a few original ideas that we offer in this article, I think you will easily find a conceptual solution that fits your interior. Most often ugly and unused space can be converted into a nice corner where will your guests with approval admire, and you will find a place for disposal or other creative space. In our photo gallery bellow, we present you some beautiful examples of wine cellar under the stairs. It is gorgeous and functional solution, that will give special charm to your home. See our suggestions, and find your favorite! Enjoy!




Image via Cathy Schusler Photography


Image via William Lesch Photography


Image via Casey Dunn




Image via Linda Sabiston, First Impressions Photography


Image via Randal Kurt Photography


Tags: clever use of the space, under the stairs, wine cellar design

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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