16 Fascinating Grey Interiors That Will Astonish You

The gray color is a choice that just can not go wrong. It is versatile and easily adaptable to any space and any furniture. Because of its universality, interior designers adore and use this color very frequently. If you want to refresh the white walls in the home, but do not feel brave enough for some striking shades, opt for gray. It is neutral as the white, but have abilities to transform the look of any boring home.

All you need is a layer of gray, if you are willing to add a dose of elegance and harmony in the interior. However, due to the many shades of gray, choosing the right one, sometimes can to be difficult. If you can not decide on a shade, combine multiple shades of gray – for arranging the bedroom and the living room, use a lighter shade of gray. If you want to emphasize the contrast between the walls and the furniture, feel free to use darker shades of this precious color. You will achieve elegance in the interior with gray walls with blue shades, and if you want to paint the walls black, but are not ready for such a move, choose a dark gray shade that is closest to the black in the palette of colors. See some beautiful grey interiors and get inspired to enter this sophisticated color in your home!


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