15 Brilliant Mediterranean Bathroom Designs You Are Going To Love

The Mediterranean style is very well known for its grand and luxurious looking designs, but some people feel it might be a little bit too old fashioned. Well, there is no rule that says that an interior designed in the Mediterranean style has to look traditional for its location. The Mediterranean style can also be quite modern and the Mediterranean bathroom is a good example of that. It can keep its characteristic features that give it that Mediterranean charm but on a more modern note.

Welcome to a new compilation of interior designs in which we are going to show you 15 Brilliant Mediterranean Bathroom Designs You Are Going To Love. This time we’ve brought you a very varied collection of Mediterranean interiors as we’ve also made sure to include some slightly more modern examples of this style. It is going to be the tone of our latest showcase of this style which we’ve just started with a collection of 16 Magnificent Mediterranean Kitchen Designs You Will Adore. Stay tuned for more!

1. Curson Ave, West Hollywood

2. Vaquero Club Custom

3. Moroko Apartment in Malaga

4. Spanish Tile Master Bathroom

5. Master Bath Retreat


6. Modern Spanish Retreat

7. Palm Beach Tropical Paradise Glamor

8. Oceanview Spanish Master Bath



10. Mediterranean Bathroom Design

11. Shillingford Place

12. Spanish Colonial Classic

13. The St. Johns Model

14. Contemporary Spanish in Beverly Hills



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Author: Fidan Jovanov

Fidan Jovanov

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