12 Wonderful Pools with Different Sizes and Designs to Get Inspired

Many people do not dispense with a pool at home even if it is small. The pools in homes are increasingly common and have a become a tempting new feature.

They come in many shapes, materials, styles and sizes. They may be more classic and more modern, but all allow for a moment of leisure and relaxation. To design it is essential to see the available free space and the study of the heat stroke you want to have at certain times. As they are permanent choose a design that the functionality and aesthetics are appropriate.

If you are thinking of building or redecorating a pool here are tips to get you started:

Abuse of Forms

The communal pool, both for leisure or swimming, has a regular shape. For a more creative version the ideal is to choose a different and modern design. If there’s space, a square pool creates a contemporary look for any space. If you are bolder then the option is to create a pool that alternates straight and curved lines. The design possibilities are endless.


Just as there are many format options for pools there are several size options. The standard applies to sports pools.

Ringtones of style

Add lighting, decks, rocks, fountains or waterfalls. The landscaping around it can have a strong effect on its size and shape. For a tropical look choose natural design with the addition of stones. If the pool is surrounded by foliage, it is important to pay attention to times of year for maintenance.


The standard used is fiber and tile, but may vary for materials that are new to the market such as tablets, porcelain tiles and coatings. The type of tread is essential to prevent accidents so choose a slip ante, not just for aesthetics.

After these tips we selected 12 images for those who seek ideas for their pool leisure area.

1. Pool with Lounge

2. Pool with Colorful Lighting

3. Pool with Tablet Floor

4. Narrow Waterfall Pool

5. Pool with Bungalow

6. Symmetrical Shaped Pool

7. Modern Pool

8. Pool with Sea View

9. American House Style Swimming Pool

10. Natural Style Pool

11. Pool with Fountains

12. Rustic Style Pool


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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