10 Minimalist Swimming Pool Designs for Small Terraced Houses

Dreaming of having a swimming pool in your backyard? But you have a space issues? Well consider it as non existing problem anymore! We have some designs that are specially made for small backyards and even terraces that still can afford to have swimming pools but in a mini versions. Relaxation and peace can still be an option for you and plus there are so many different designs. You can build and oasis design taking a minimalist rectangular form with an extended waterway, you can have a mini-spa surrounded by wooden floors all over the terrace if you want. It will make a wonderful harmony with the water being surrounded by the delightful nature.

For example this kind of design is a modern one, wooden surfaces + glass windows = luxury style pool. Living in small spaces but with luxury style is the new black! By having a swimming pool in the backyard your family will be the most happiest one and will provide you with so much fun activities for the time you spend together.

Since the outdoor season is on we all dream of relaxing pools and plunging there after a long working day. It’s like a food for our mind, soul and body. The narrow pool is the best option when it comes to a small space or terrace! Just imagine the narrow pool in your garden along your house side. Isn’t that the perfect idea of spending the hot summer days when a lap is all we need?

We have gathered 10 inspirations of different pool designs and now is on you to decide which one you would like to have it in your yard. Now, let’s have a look at the ideas and ways to arrange everything around the pools.


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