10 Small Decorated Washrooms for Your Bathroom

Very common in larger, more modern homes, the small toilets – also known as social toilets – are small toilets without a shower and intended for use by visitors to the residence.Having a well decorated toilet is the number one rule for those who want to receive with charm and style, offering guests a warm and comfortable space, worthy of a great impression. And the best part of this whole story is that since the toilet is a naturally small place, it doesn’t require any fancy decoration projects. Some basic items are already enough to make the decorated toilet one of the places most appreciated by visitors. 

Small decorated bathrooms

This is the best way to make a toilet functional and beautiful. With a well-designed design, custom-made furniture makes the decorated toilet a beautiful and well thought-out environment for use. Here come the cabinets, the mirrors, the hanging cabinets, sinks and even the door.

Colors and coatings

Since toilets do not have a shower, it is possible to use certain coatings that would not be possible in an ordinary bathroom due to humidity. Thus, it became very common to see lavatories decorated with wallpaper, plasterboard, adhesives, tablets and wooden boards.

Abuse of the mirrors

Unsurprisingly, mirrors give a lot of strength in the decoration of small environments. The mirrors act directly on the sensation of amplitude and depth of the space, enhancing the lighting, besides, of course being a beautiful decorative object and essential for your visitors to touch up the makeup and give the look. Today, in the market, there are thousands of frames, colors, shapes and different types of mirrors. For sure you will find one that suits your style.

Small Environments vs. Small Budgets

It is more than possible to decorate a small toilet with little money without necessarily losing the design in elegance, style and sophistication. On the contrary, since the environment is smaller, the cost of furniture and other items that make up the toilet tend to cost less, since most budgets are calculated from the square meter.

Nothing better than taking inspiration from existing projects, right? That’s why we’ve brought a selection of decorated toilet photos that will help you decorate yours too, check out!












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Author: Renata Kralevska

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