10 Irresistible Asian Inspired Interior Designs That Will Delight You

If you want your home to get a unique look, choose a warm, different interior, which can be found in the Asian style. Patchwork of colors creates a pleasant atmosphere in the home. Rich colors, red accents, comfortable furniture and shiny surfaces, characterize this style. Asian style indicates a soothing atmosphere and a lot of bright colors that can be combined with modern furniture. This style of decorating is an exciting mix of different accents. The color palette consists of neutral colors on the walls, such as white, light brown or gray, with accents which can be colorful furniture, paintings and other ornaments.

In the Asian style you can decorate your home using sandalwood, and another thing that is typical of this style, is decorating the interior with items of bamboo. Usually are used and other characteristic items such as stones, plants, flowers such as lotus, orchids and cherry. Fine silk and porcelain are native to Asia, and are often used as decorations in the apartment and have their big value. Asian interior design is popular all over the world. Features are simply elegant and characteristic are minimalist tones. Furniture has an attractive appearance. If you are a fan of simplicity and elegance, as well as comfort and good looks, then the Asian interior is right for you. Below you can see some amazing inspirations of contemporary Asian inspired designs, that will catch your eye!


Image courtesy of HYLA Architects


Image via Yoshihiro Asada


Image courtesy of MisoSoupDesign


Image via Hiroyuki OKI


Image via Leonard Kawun


Image courtesy of Charles Rose Architects


Image courtesy of PMD


Image via Thomas Zaar


Image courtesy of Art Buro


Image via Ann-Louise Buck


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Author: Ana Duovska


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