10 Bathrooms with Clever Ideas to Inspire Your Bathroom Renovation

When thinking of renovating a bathroom, you immediately know that there are so many elements to think about, It can be a very tricky task, from choosing layout to the more aesthetic details. But what’s most important is to equip yourself with a clear idea of what you want in order to make sure that the renovation runs just in time. Prepare you bathroom checklist and be prepared to be mindful while making choices.

Whether it’s about renovating a small bathroom or large one, navigate your sense and style and just do it. Here we have a little helper for you, 10 bathroomsΒ with clever and creative ideas to help you inspire your renovation.

1. Slot In

Photography | Tanika Blair

For a cohesive feel the owners chose for vibrant patterned floor tiles, and steal space from a hallway for a vanity and basin. That way it’s easy to keep the wet zone separate.

2. Peachy Keen

Photography | Martina Gemmola

You may think this is the ultimate feminine space, and you are not so far from that idea with these dust-pink tiles. Can you feel the bright and open feeling of the bathroom that the skylight and the large mirrored cabinet make? Simply irresistible.

3. Seeing Double

Photography | Brooke Holm

To the minimalist space that this bathroom offers, twin basins add a sense of balance. They make the space a functional zone, and the cherry on top are the matt black taps that pop against honed marble surface.

4. Bathing Bliss

Photography | Martina Gemmola

It’s always a great thing to place the bath/shower into the end of the space, it simply fits neatly. The high window offers plenty of sunlight and privacy. We want it! What about you?

5. Dive On In

Photography | Mark Roper

The first thing you see in this bathroom space is the boldness of the blue tiling and the pink accents on the mirror. They make the space so cloudy and dreamy, but the balance has been achieved with the neutral tones of the marble, which stretches halfway up the wall.

6. Sliding Doors

Photography | Grace Picot

You have a contemporary space but want a hint of rustic touch to it? An over-sized barn door can be a chic element that adds interest and is ideal when working within limited floor space. The sun-filled Scandi feel is present with the all-white version from Corinthian door. Also, timber and contrasting colors will complement this look if you are more of this type.

7. Puzzle Out

Photography | Chris Warnes

Look just how this small bathroom worked everything out, considering that the design manages to fit a shower, bath, toilet and vanity. And yet is an odd-shaped space still a lot was able to fit in.

8. Floor-Gazing

Photography | Felix Forest

Here the flooring is the real star of the mostly white bathroom. You can see how the yellow tone and quirky pattern correspond. The attention is all on the irregular pattern that creates a focal point in the bathroom.

9. Top Choice

Photography | Maree Homer

There is solution to every problem, even if it’s not a problem. Short on storage? The perfect thing to add is a basin that sits above the bench! It will also maximize the cupboard space below.

10. Step Up

Photography | Sharyn Cairns

This one has been designed with daughters in mind, as you can see the soft pink cabinetry that has been played up by the red footstools. The grey flooring just ensures that the space will be still on-point as the girls get older and feel comfortable whey they no longer need stools.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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