10 Attractive Ideas To Use Green In Your Interior Design

Green, as you probably know, is the trend for several years so far, and the latest and the most beautiful shade, the most of us will agree, is woody or emerald green. That’s more than enough reason to think about this nuance. And when we will remind you that it is ideal for refreshing and bringing a calming atmosphere and a breeze of nature, you have to admit that this is the right color for a spring makeover of every home!

Designers have always recommended green for bedrooms because of its soothing effect on our mood. In addition, it introduces a touch of naturalness and it is a right refreshment in every interior. Designers greatly use it when they want to connect the interior and exterior, or the environment in which the apartment or house is located. And now, when green is in the trend for several years, in several different shades – from turquoise, pistachios, pastel to emerald green, is not difficult to enter it in your interior design. The novelty is that green is no longer reserved for bedrooms only, but also for all other rooms at home. We bring you several stylishly diverse suggestions how to decorate all rooms in your home, in the shades of green, and to refresh them without spending too much money.


Tags: green, green interior, interior design

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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