Рound rugs to round off the corners everywhere in the house

 The centrepiece of a successful interior, the rug has the gift of twisting the atmosphere without overdoing it. Rid of its overly simplistic angles, this one imposes its many finishes going for the side of the trend to better meet the desires of the moment. 

A round rug for all tastes 

Round wool ruground jute rugsmall round rug or large round rug, the rug refuses strict lines, adapting to all the versions offered by this star element of decoration. Praised for its thermal and acoustic qualities, and its decorative virtues willing to reflect taste and personality, the round rug borrows the defining characteristics of its angular counterparts to better reinterpret them. Less massive, more discreet, easy to adopt but also to match, the round rug plays with its delicate dimensions to dress the floor of all rooms in the house: small round rug 120 cm in diameter at the foot of the bed, round rug 200cm in diameter under the dining room table or even a large round rug in the living room.

We want to share some inspirational ideas for round rugs bringing a warm accent to your home:








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