Elegant Models of Round Crochet Rug for Living Room

Cute and cosy, the round crochet living room rug has won hearts out there. And no wonder, after all the piece carries a lot of originality (because probably nobody has a second one like this one) and a certain affective touch as it is made entirely by hand.

This brings us to another benefit of this type of rug: personalization. The round crocheted living room rug can be the size and colour of your choice.

To inspire you even more, here are some tips and nice ideas for a round crochet rug for the living room. Come and see.

Tips on choosing the round crochet rug for the living room


The sky is the limit when it comes to round crocheted living room rugs. This means that you can choose the colour according to your preferences and the decoration you want to create in the living room.

But when all this versatility is at its maximum, on the one hand, it can on the other hand leave you confused and in doubt about which colour to choose for the rug.

The tip for finding the right colour is to observe the colour palette that already exists in the area.

Because the rug is an accent piece, the colours used in it can completely affect the perception of the environment, as you will see in the next topic.

Decoration style

Aside from the colour, take a moment to observe the decorative style in your living room.

For example, a modern interior is complemented by a rug in neutral colours such as white, black and grey and can even be complemented with geometric figures.

On the other hand, a rug in bright colours conveys the idea of ​​a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.


The round crochet rug for the living room can be of very different sizes, varying mainly concerning the size of the room itself. In general, a sense of proportion is what counts. That said, a large room requires a large round crochet rug, while a small room should have a rug that fits the space.

This becomes even more apparent when the rug is used in conjunction with the furniture. In this case, it is important that the carpet covers the furniture area and provides physical and visual comfort.

In general, most of the rugs used in the living room are positioned in the centre of the environment, hugging the sofa, armchairs, and end and coffee tables.

A rug that is much smaller than the area to be filled gives the feeling of an ill-planned and uncomfortable environment. Ideally, the rug is large enough to reach the feet of the sofa.

Now that you already know how to make a round crochet rug for the living room, what do you think about taking inspiration from the ideas that we bring you below? Get inspired while creating:











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