Would You Have A Red Brick Wall In Your Home?

Having a red brick wall is often synonymous with cachet and authenticity.

Often associated with lofts and the industrial spirit, it can still be found in different styles of interiors, from the most classic to the most contemporary. Sometimes, some will even go so far as to break the codes by painting a brick wall in white, because it is true that it is more discreet; but still, the natural side of the brick is a very beautiful decorative asset!

In this apartment that looks like a small loft, brick sets the tone in the living room. Left in its own juice, it contrasts wonderfully with the cozy materials found on the carpet, textiles but also the dining table. The color range is intended to be sober as if to give pride of place to the two walls which on their own, give off a certain atmosphere.

We like the arched window, the wall lamp with industrial touches, the painted radiators that blend into the mass; the graphic staircase, and the headboard that gives the impression of being straight out of a hotel.







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