Wind’s House by Green Concept & Nha Cua Gio in Da Nang, Vietnam

Project: Wind’s House
Architects: Green Concept, Nha Cua Gio
Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
Area: 1,345 sf
Photographs by: Minq Bui

Wind’s House by Green Concept & Nha Cua Gio

Wind’s House is a beautiful project completed in collaboration between Green Concept and Nha Cua Gio. This absolutely stunning modern dwelling is located in Da Nang, Vietnam. The home is shaped with an unusual exterior design, but one that does a great job at stealing gazes. Additionally, the house features plenty of small gardens in every possible space one could be had.

This project begins with a touching love story of the investor. “We fell in love with each other when we were both young – the high school was full of dreams and ambitions. But after finishing my senior year, I had to move in Ho Chi Minh City to live with my family and left my good memories together with our incomplete first love.

During the time living and studying in Saigon where is about hundreds of kilometers away from my girl. We just confided, sent nostalgic words through text messages or calls all night and thanked to the wind sending our loving whispers, our soft kisses … along with the message: “Tell her that just the sweetest dream, so I was happy then, Oh wind!”

After then, nearly 10 years away, I decided to return to my hometown, We got back together and wished to live each other under the roof – where that only protects and loves all the time. “My love story moved the hearts of the design team … and WIND’S HOUSE was born – the end of a distant love.

WIND’S HOUSE will be a peace place the heart would be sheltered by the heart having the wind walks around, listen, wind learning how to sympathize, and share with each person. The house must ensure that the wind is circulated throughout. So the architects divided the house into 3 main functional blocks separated from each other.

They are separated by stairs and garden space creating convection gaps to every corner of the house. There is also a large garden located parallel to the working area and perpendicular to the living space. In the Central region, especially Danang in summer, there is always a source of Foehn wind (dry and hot wind), so the design of the Koi aquarium is placed in front of the wind direction with steam to reduce the heat of this wind source.

In addition, the house also has some small gardens under the voids. Beside the aesthetic factor, these voids are also combined with the door systems to form ventilation systems, air convection which is very important for the house.

Green Concept



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