Coral Villa by HUNI Architects in Da Nang, Vietnam

Project: Coral Villa
Architects: HUNI Architects
Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
Area: 4,036 sf
Photographs by: Princestudio

Coral Villa by HUNI Architects

The Coral Villa is a luxurious family getaway located in Da Nang, Vietnam. It was designed by HUNI Architectsa studio of international architects. They have taken their reference for the design from the new home’s immediate environment – a tropical climate high on humidity and temperature. Naturally, they wanted to create great natural ventilation and circulation within the home and a beautiful outdoor area with near-perfect landscaping design.

“The Coral Villa” is a family weekend retreat, nestled within the curve of Da Nang Bay. It is directly affected by the local tropical climate; hot and humid, with relatively high temperatures. The façade of “The Coral Villa” takes inspiration from local corals, poetically abstracted into the design and construction. The coral pattern is applied to screens made using fiber concrete. The screens act as a sustainable filtering layer, open for wind but preventing glare from sunlight. It keeps the privacy for users, and creates a unique identity home. The challenge in this project was to design a home which is environmentally open, blends in with nature, and yet still adapts to the conditions of the local climate.

The architects have carefully considered the site specific seasonal climate conditions and sun angles. Based on those analyses, solutions are provided for natural lighting, blocking solar glare, and allowing from sea-breezes, for ventilation. Summer: Trees are planted inside and outside the building to prevent solar heat gain. Natural, local wood and stone are used for the front of the building to reduce heat absorption and establish a bold visual identity. Winter: The climate factor has been vigorously considered for the backyard design; creating a pleasant sheltered atmosphere while minimizing overhead noise from air traffic. The garden is sheltered from strong environmental effects such as storms and strong winds by the building itself by nature of its orientation.

The uniqueness of the project established by the organization of form and space. The form of the villa is based on simple shapes, but uses the technique of defining and shifting levels to create and organize functional spaces more playfully. The first level is used for entertainment, while the second level is a shared space for the family and the third level creates a private living space. The project is in an idyllic location, lying within open natural scenery. The architects enhance the advantages of this situation as much as possible, so that architecture becomes voice for nature.

Main spaces in the buildings are all facing the sea. The spaces are open enough to allow natural light and breezes in, though still providing the privacy needed for the family. The interior style of the villa brings a sense of modern European style and luxury in form and material. Greenery is applied under careful consideration throughout the building, blending in with the green Napoli marble cladding, and creating a refreshing feeling that does not lose the personality of the building.

HUNI Architects


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