Why Solid Hardwood Floors Are Still One Of The Best Choices You Can Make

It might seem dull but one of the most important decisions that you have to make when building or completely overhauling your home is the choice of the type of flooring that you want to have in your interior. Almost everything else can easily be modified afterwards but when it comes to floors, you really have to get it right on the first try unless you want to rip everything out and restart the entire process.

Choosing the floor type for your home is definitely not an easy task. Nowadays, there are plenty of different types that you can choose from but even with the wide variety of offers that include all kinds of different materials and finishes, one type of floor still manages to come on top: solid hardwood floors and their timeless testament of aesthetics and performance. So what makes it different from the rest?

Solid hardwood floors have been around since forever and for a long time this was the only type of flooring that was on the market. Its biggest competitor is the engineered wood flooring which does look quite similar to solid hardwood floors thanks to its hardwood tops. But it still isn’t the same as solid wood which is basically one single plank from top to bottom unlike laminate and engineered wood floors.

Thanks to their solid nature, these floors can be installed in almost any part of the house. The solid wood is almost indestructible but that does not mean it doesn’t have its flaws.
Before you consider choosing solid hardwood floors for your home, you need to know that they do not do well in areas where a higher amount of moisture is expected so bathrooms and basements are a big no, while some people also avoid them in their kitchens.  Of course, there are some more expensive finishes that give solid wood floors some moisture resistance but as a general rule, you should avoid using them in moist areas.

But when it comes to the other places in your home, you will rarely find a better option other than solid hardwood floors. Their classic look provides the interior with warmth and the available finish choices will let you compliment the color palette of any room in your house.

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