Villa LL by Mohamed Amine Siana in Casablanca, Morocco

Project: Villa LL
Architects: Mohamed Amine Siana
Casablanca, Morocco
3,121 sf
Year: 2021
Photographs by:
Fernando Guerra

Villa LL by Mohamed Amine Siana

Villa LL, designed by Mohamed Amine Siana, is a residential project located in a residential area in North Casablanca, Morocco. The client, an artist, wanted a house with sensual lines, curves, and a protective yet discreet ambiance. The house’s architecture is based on traditional Moroccan design, with an introspective and intimate courtyard that provides a space to relax away from the busy streets. The courtyard serves as the heart of the project, allowing cross ventilation and natural light to penetrate the surrounding rooms.

The project is located in a residential area in North Casablanca on a plot of 1000 sqm. The buildable area was spanning over a rectangle of 20×15. The client who is an artist wanted to have a house with curves, sensual lines, thin yet discreet, protective without being stifling, and many other constraints that defined the house’s architectural approach.

Inspired by Morrocan traditional architecture, the house is built with a courtyard, introspective and intimate, whit the aim to offer a space to relax away from the busy streets. The house’s architecture is based on the local weather, and the courtyard becomes the heart of the whole project, offering cross ventilation and allowing natural light to penetrate into the surrounding rooms.

While the interior patio brings life to the spaces, the blind facades guarantee privacy. The walls are sculpted and extended, and this game of vertical planes generates openings that create views and connect with external context without being seen.

An organic plaster ceiling was designed to poetically cover technical features while preserving the authenticity of the concrete slab. The living room, dining room, and master bedroom wrap around the circular swimming pool. It gives the illusion of a second courtyard where the reflection of the house is drawn. Between the whiteness of the walls and the gray of the concrete slab, two walls are covered by light green ceramic tiles to create a poetic link between water and sky

Mohamed Amine Siana


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