Villa Acer by Maxim Calujac in Hincesti, Moldova

Project: Villa Acer
Architects: Maxim Calujac
Location: Hincesti, Moldova
Area: 1,453 sf
Photographs by: etalpmet

Villa Acer by Maxim Calujac

Maxim Calujac has designed the Villa Acer on a picturesque hill in the town of Hancesti in Moldova. Designed for a middle-aged family, this single story retreat creates just under 1,500 square feet of minimalist living spaces surrounded by a private backyard.

The “Acer“ house, situated on a picturesque hill, in Hancesti, is a bespoke design for a middle-aged family. The house is the axis around which the daily life of the family revolves. The core of the building consists of a wooden framework carried by a slab foundation. This was imposed by the desire to cut off the construction time and offer a simple and sustainable design solution.

The house is divided in 2 main areas: the bedrooms, bound together by a corridor, granting the users privacy; and the active area of the house: the fusion of the kitchen, dining and living. As we look outside through the glass curtain wall, we experience a dialogue between the geometry and the landscape. The focus is on the concrete beam that frames the view, as it becomes more of a painting, a scenery of green and calm. Seen from the road, the beam is the element that hides the house from unwanted sights. The beam’s curve highlights the rectangular lines of the house and adds to the balance of contrasts. The facades are covered with ayous thermowood, revealing its architectural potential and give the viewer a sense of warmth and comfort.

The minimalistic approach is also seen in the choice of finishes for the interior design: the walls are covered with wooden panels; the floor is made of polished concrete; the furniture accents add to the neutral tone of the interior. Everything is knitted together to end up in a space that does not burden day-to-day life. As this is a parental home, a place for disconnection and rest, it was decided to maintain the main characteristics of the terrain, so that everyone who visits finds himself connected to the roots, to the land and the general feeling of peace and quiet.

Maxim Calujac


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