VH House by WYND in Chicureo, Chile

Project: VH House
Architects: WYND
Location: Chicureo, Chile
Area: 4,144 sf
Photographs by: Nico Saieh

VH House by WYND

Designed by WYND, the VH House stands on a beautiful site in Chicureo, Chile. The location is surrounded by lush natural landscapes creating the perfect backdrop for an open layout residence designed for both indoor and outdoor living.

In the year 2013, being a couple without children yet, “R” and “M” bought this site in “Las Brisas de Chicureo”, with the scope of building something in the future. Ten years later, now with three children in the family, they made the decision of building their house. Considering the brief of the project, a fast and efficient construction in metallic structure was chosen. The design is based on two overlapped bars, where the public and private areas are separated in different stories. In the intersection of this volumes, as the core of the house, a double height access was design including the main stair, which was made as a sculpture in a single sheet of folded steel saving installation time and costs. This project has strategic concrete walls that reduce the support points of the structure (pilars), generating a more fluid space in the first story. This concept is a response to the modern requirements of spacious and integrated common spaces.

Beeing located next to a golf course defined the orientation of the bars, adopting an open position and orientation of the rooms towards the landscape. To do this, an external corridor is established with different terraces all facing north. Taking advantage of the spatiality generated by the overlapped bars, a solid roof is generated on the terrace and barbecue area, which makes it possible to use it throughout the year. On the second level, all the private rooms are located with a living and study room as the meeting place on the center. The materials of the house try to be as noble as possible, leaving the largest amount of raw materials exposed such as the concrete floor, the stainless-steel staircase and the main structure in black steel.

To emphasize the openings towards the exteriors, large panels of thermopanel windows are favored. The entire interior sky is clad in heat-treated woods (TopWood) and the furniture of the kitchen was design in neutral colors to give grater importance to the living and dining room area. Finally, the entire house is lined on the outside with EIFS panels for grater thermal efficiency. Also air conditioning systems are installed through the floor, walls and furniture, always hiding as much as possible the devices to achieve cleaner spaces.



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