V60 House by WARchitect in Bangkok, Thailand

Project: V60 House
Architects: WARchitect
Location: Khet Lak Si, Bangkok, Thailand
Area: 4,843 sf
Photographs by: Rungkit Charoenwat

V60 House by WARchitect

When a couple of airplane pilots decide to invest in a house, they want vast open spaces to counter their daily lives in the crowded cockpit. The V60 House is one such house designed for a couple where both the husband and the wife are pilots but now they have just under 5,000 square feet of luxurious minimalist living spaces designed with an open layout. The design of the home is by WARchitect, the same studio behind the design of the Sleepless Residence and the Skyscape Rooftop House, so if you like this one, there’s a chance you’ll like the rest of their designs.

House’s owners, both husband and wife are both airplane pilots, which is a career that takes long work periods in a very small area like cockpit. They all rarely have body movement or touching natural air when working, meanwhile each other’s schedules don’t match completely. To solve those problems, we thought of how to create spaces to enable them to take deep breaths of the fresh air and able to see each other every time they want.

The house is located in a very good location with low level of air pollution in a far deep alleyway (soi Vibhavadi 60) and far from main road, the place located on an inheritance land, surrounded by their relatives, allow this house to have plenty of spaces to plant trees around the house.

An area size of 200 square seems too big compare to owners’ required usable area, therefore, there is no need to design a house too compact. We separated house elements into 3 zones, e.g. Living area, bedroom, and guest area. Inserting spaces between these zones with green courtyard, results in meeting owners’ needs mentioned above.

To optimize an architecture surface to touch the nature as much as possible, both from experiencing green view from their eyes, or from opening all glass folding doors to create natural ventilation, able to feel the fresh air. All these three zones are not divided by interior partition wall, you have to walk from interior of one zone to exterior first, in order to lead dwellers to perceive a scent of nature among green courtyard before walking to other zones.

Furthermore, wherever you are in these three zones, you can see each other all the time, for example, when one of the owner brew a coffee in the living area, able to see another one appreciating collectibles in the bedroom, and simultaneously seeing his parents exercising in a swimming pool.



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