Urban Residence by Marcelo Sodré in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Project: Urban Residence
Architects: Marcelo Sodré
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Photographs by: Elson Yabiku, Bruno Cesar S. Santos

Urban Residence by Marcelo Sodré

The Urban Residence by Marcelo Sodré is a luxury residential project located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This modern home is a mix of contrasts and textures on the exterior as well as in the interior.
Designed around entertainment, this spacious home keeps all of its private rooms upstairs while the social and living spaces are placed on the ground floor with plenty of entertainment areas. These spaces on the ground floor lead out to a magnificent swimming pool in the backyard.
The entire design of the Urban Residence creates an amazing sense of freedom and openness by giving the ability to blend the interior spaces with the outdoor areas.

Situation of Place

Corner lot, steep slope, next to the border and facing green area of a closed blending wall. The highest tested is facing northeast face.

Concept Design

The topography initially suggested a more obvious deployment, resulting in an array of fragmented blocks, following the contour of the ground in successive plateaus. This simplistic solution was abandoned, adopting one that would counteract the unfavorable characteristics of topography for those aiming maximum utilization, the dimensions of the field, to promote interaction of the residents.

From this original intention, we determined the organization of the areas of service, social and intimate that the order, occupy the lower floors, ground floor and upper, respectively. Thus, the highest level terrain along the sidewalk, was extended to the point where the lower floor, could be deployed. With this topography was reversed and a great and unique plateau appeared. Above him rose the intimate block, a large rectangle, positioned close to the boundary wall of the allotment. This decision away from the street, the openings of the dorms, which lined, open mezzanine to the ground, in addition to this intimate block, acts as a visual and acoustic barrier against the neighbor, who is a school.

They thus formed naturally social area, plus other buildings, such as the entrance walkway and recreational area and pool, defined the large courtyard, where converge all environments aimed at socializing. It is important to note the absence of visual barriers on the ground floor, which ensures a total area of the lot size, as well as an almost exclusive contact with the green area of the allotment.

Externally the courtyard compulsory retreat, followed correction of the gap, which ensured greater privacy. The closure made of slatted wood, has further expanded the sense of freedom that a residence in a gated subdivision provides.

Marcelo Sodré


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