Unique Small Bathrooms That Make Brilliant Spaces

To craft a small bathroom full of intimacy and style is not impossible, even if that was the first thought that crossed your mind. Believe it or not, everything that’s from statement wallpaper and clever storage choices is included and can make a petite bathroom feel more airy, open, and incredibly charming.

Are you ready for some inspiration that’s about to make a bold design statement in your small space? let’s go through the following small bathrooms, boasting bold design ideas that you’re sure to love.

These spaces you’re about to see proof that sometimes a good bathroom design comes in small packages in the most unexpected way!

1. Hand-Painted Detail

A graphic hand-painted wallpaper that’s perfectly complementing the sink and flooe in Onyx Fantastico marble.

2. Mediterranean Grotto

Do you like this interesting choice of lighting and paint? Malibu bathroom turned into a Mediterranean grotto.

3. Coordinating Marble

This modern Miami bathroom has been given the illusion of a larger space due to its coordinating marble, that has been used on the walls, vanity, and flooring.

4.  Mini-Boho

This cute powder room, has a structurally minimalistsink stand and petite mirror that creates the ilusion of a larger square footage.

5. Neutral Beauty

Here’s a neutral bathroom in Spanish style that looks absolutely adorable!

6. Exuberantly Floral

Look at this mesmerizing bathroom with the medium-height antique shelf for books, towels and a plant. Perfect isn’t it?

7. Pastoral Air

If you want to create a spa-like escape this is the bathroom of your dreams! Completed with the massive door that opens up the room, filled with light and uniting the outdoors with the indoors.

8. Gray Marble

This New York City Apartment makes every luxurious dream to come true! If you are into fancy bathrooms, then this is it!

9. Fish Walls

This home flaunts a small bathroom where fish are the muse, floating along the walls in a wallcovering.

10. Rustic Powder Room

The rustic scent is incredible, so this powder room features a strip of modern bue shelving as simple as the bathroom itself.





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