U Retreat by IDMM Architects in Hongcheon, South Korea

Project: U Retreat
Architects: IDMM Architects
Location: Hongcheon-gun, South Korea
Area: 17,168 sq ft
Photographs by: Courtesy of IDMM Architects

U Retreat by IDMM Architects

IDMM Architects have designed the U Retreat at the core of the Sari-Gol Valley in Hongcheon, South Korea. Being at the core, the plot is commonly windy. The residence has been designed in a way to unify itself with the nature that surrounds it, therefore embodying the cliff’s movements and dynamics. This not only liberates the residents from the confines of a very typical household, it also lessens the effect of the strong winds.

The Jeongja is a space which is unified with nature, liberating its users from the confines of the home. The program of the Jeongja is rest, play, and retreat with the nature. The cliff situated in front of this site has a variety of tress which creates an enormous screen representing seasonally altering moods. The dramatic leveling made by the cliff and trees inspires awe in us. This became the concept of ‘leveling’ that generates multi-leveled spaces, so that users may enjoy the surroundings at a variety of levels. Each multi-leveled unit conceives various retreat places, diverse leveled interior spaces, the skipped terraces, a private pool and spa and so on.

IDMM Architects


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